Large XML Viewer

Application Large XML Viewer was created for downloading and analyzing of XML feeds and other large text files in our job. Our application is intended for all users, who often works with XML files and analyze their content.

Main features

  • Allows view UNLIMITED large text files. The only factor is sufficient space on harddisk.
  • Text search with regular expression support. Displays the number of occurrences.
  • Checking the validity of XML. With this function, you can easily find a mistake in the file. Error message reports position in the file where the error occurs.
  • You can view files using a URL or directly from disk.
  • Supports opening of mulitple files in one time.
  • Possibility to save downloaded file to disk.
  • Import a export of file list
  • Opening XML and TXT files from context menu in Windows.

Video presentation in 30 seconds